Saving Money While Abroad

Being abroad for six weeks is fun for me but hard on my bank account. Museums, food, sightseeing trips and souvenir shopping are all expenses that add up while abroad and I was not expecting it to be this much. While here in Florence, I had to look into ways of saving money so I could still afford to do the activities I wanted to. My roommates and I started cooking dinner every night at home which is a lot cheaper then going out for all our meals. We also go grocery shopping together and split the cost so we have groceries and meals for the week that cost the same as one dinner out which is a huge savings. Next, I looked into what museums gave student discounts. Most of the museums do not offer student discounts, however they offer a free entrance day one Sunday a month. In addition, they have packages you can buy. My roommates and I bought the one package which was 18 Euros and we could go to four different museums and attracts as long as it was within 72 hours which was an amazing deal! The last way I saved money was with Smart Trips. My roommates and I wanted to do weekend trips while in Florence, however the planning and purchasing of everything can be very difficult. We found smart trips which is for college students and the trips are all planned out for you and usually include some meals and attractions while away. I ended up booking three day trips to Venice, Pisa and Cinque Terra and the cost for the trip was cheaper then a train ticket which was a good savings. I also booked two weekend trips with Smart Trips and it saved me a lot because they include activities and travel along with having everything planned out so not only did it save me money, it saved me a lot of time. Overall I did spend a little more then I have planned for, but this is an amazing experience and a once in a life time chance that I am glad I got to take!!

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