Week 12 & 13: School Festival

Ailee preforming May 16th at Hallym University.

Hello Everyone!

School has been very busy lately, but the weather is getting much nicer and clearer in South Korea right now. For this blog, I decided to focus on a festival in Korea called the Bibong Festival. This festival occurs all over Korea, mostly taking place at the universities all over the country.

The festival here at Hallym University can be the “talk of the town” because it is famous for inviting popular idols to perform each day of the festival. In 2017, Hallym University invited PSY to come preform. The festival lasts three days, from May 14th to 15th, and is filled with students and clubs selling different kinds of goodies during the day and food trucks selling a variety of food during the night. The festivities and college life are very apparent during the Bibong Festival as many students will stay out late to hang out with their friends and peers. 

During this time of year, classes will only happen during the day and I highly recommend the festival to anyone who wants to observe college lifestyle here in Korea. Despite being a smaller private university, Hallym University and the surrounding restaurants are all very full during this time of year. Going out to dinner or to sing at a karaoke room can be quite a wait during the time of the festival. I would recommend eating at the food trucks or making a reservation in advance.

This year, I was able to see an amazing performance by both Ailee and Crush. They were both very good live performers and Ailee even took pictures with the crowd. The food trucks also served a variety of snacks, foods, and deserts. I had an amazing blue berry soda from the cafe truck. Most food trucks also had one person who spoke English, who students who could not speak Korean, as well.

Overall, I recommend everyone to go see the different events that occur all over campus, all day. It is a great way to meet new people and feel more connected to the community. 

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