#Bullsmeetworld: Josh

Hello Everyone,

I have met a lot of people here at Exeter, and one person I have met, I have also had the pleasure of working on a project with. This is Josh. I met Josh while practicing for another team project.  Before I came to Britain, I heard about how nice and polite the British population seems to be as a whole, and Josh embodies that perfectly. He offered to listen to my team’s presentation while we were waiting for our class to start. While my teammates worked on their portions together, he listened to me practice mine and helped me make adjustments. This prompted me to ask him to be on another team project with me and he accepted. Josh was always helpful in trying to make the project the best we could. Every time I talked to him, I felt like he was really listening to me and valued every word I said and every idea I came up with. When ever someone in the team brought up a suggestion that he felt would not be helpful to the project, he would gently propose an alternative in a way that did not hurt anyone’s feelings. He was dependable and arrived at every team meeting.  Along with being a great teammate, Josh was a nice guy to talk with. He would listen to me talk on and on about my love for Disney and we would compare notes on family vacations we had each taken. Every time I see him, he says hi and asks how I am doing. I was so happy to meet Josh and I hope other students who study abroad meet people like Josh on their own trips.

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