Field trip to Modena

  • This week with my Principles of Finance class, we took a field learning trip to Modena to learn about balsamic vinegar and a wine tasting. It was a nice day trip and I got to see the countryside outside of Florence which was a good change of scenery. At Acetaia Malagoli Daniele we learned about the production of balsamic vinegar and it’s history. After she talked about the history of vinegar, we got to taste four different types of balsamic vinegars. After we had a wonderful lunch that was your typical Italian meal with three courses which was amazing! Once we finished lunch, we went to a winery called Carina Della Volta where we tried five different sparkling wines. Before the tasting, they showed us where the wine was made and the process that goes into making each bottle. Then we went to the tasting where we tried white wines, rośe, and red wines. Once the wine tasting was finished, we got back on the bus to head home. I am glad our classes have field learning days because it was something new to see and an informative day. Also it is nice that the cost of the field learning day is included in with tuition. I am also thankful for the ISF Federal Credit Union Scholarship I received to help make this trip possible! In addition to it being an amazing day, taking trips like this with class makes it easier to balance travel and class time. #florence#studyabroad#usfgoingplaces#bullsmeetworld

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