How I Put the “Study” in Study Abroad

Hello Everyone,

I am in the middle of revisions. Revision is basically just the British word for studying for final exams. I have three exams coming up those will decide my grades for this semester. I thought I would share some tips as to how I try to make the most of my time here while still studying for final exams. First is I enjoy the weather. Here in England, the weather is considerably cooler in May than what it would be back home in Florida. If I get the chance, I like to find a nice bench to sit on while doing some of my readings so I can enjoy the cool weather while still working for the good grades. Another thing I like to do is sample the coffee shops. Unfortunately, many days are on the drizzly side and do not lend themselves to be a good day to sit outside. On those days, I like to find a new coffee shop. I have been to both local places and to chains. I get to try lots of different coffees in town, as well as have a mini adventure to a new place. Finally, when I take breaks, I try to go to some of the different local shops in town and look around. By going to coffee shops to work, and checking out local shops during my study breaks, I feel like I am getting to continue my exploration of Exeter, without sacrificing my studies.  Wish me luck on my exams!

A caramel latte from one of my favorite coffee shops.

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