Before the Adventure

Hello everyone, My name is Laura Sanchez. I’m originally from Colombia, but I live in sarasota, Florida for about 6 years. I’m a senior student at USFSP and I’m double majoring in Finance and Global Business. As Global Business major, I’m required to complete a global experience; which in my case I chose to do Doing business in Europe program because offers a remarkable experience to my career paths. However, I couldn’t be able to attend this program without the support of Genshaft/ Greenbaum Passport Scholarship Award and the USF Federal Credit Union Scholarship. Doing Business in Europe is a 2 weeks program, that will allow students to connect their knowledge learned at USF, to a multicultural experience in Germany, Amsterdam, and London. As a finance major, I’m very enthusiastic about London because is one of the financial centers in the world. Since I have the opportunity to be in Europe already , I’m planning a trip to Budapest, Portugal, and Spain by myself. I’m very excited about this new experience. The program is not only an academic experience, but it’s a complete professional and personal experience. My expectations of this program are focused on diversify my perspective on different levels of cultural views. As a result, after the adventure is over, I hope to increase my professional paths as well as my skills of critical thinking and decision making.

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