Porto – The End of a Life-Changing Trip

If you follow this blog you know I’ve been backpacking Europe for the past month. As I’m bussing back to Exeter, I’m thinking about everything I just accomplished, explored and learned. Boy, there’s a lot.

The last country I visited was Portugal. I went to Porto and then Lisbon. My four days in Porto made my entire trip. I stayed at a hostel on the beautiful beach and was lucky enough to meet some of the most incredible people.

There were five of us. All from different paths of life, but around the same age. All have accomplished different amazing things. All have different goals and dreams for themselves.

There was a girl who teaches English to children in Spain. There was a boy who is in the making of becoming a sky diving apprentice. There was a man who quit his corporate job and decided to travel for a bit. There was a boy who has been traveling for three and a half years, Porto being the last stop. Then there was me: a student stepping out of her comfort zone in attempt to grow through travel.

Though we were all unique to one another, we were brought together in this adorable house on the beach. We had one thing in common: our need to explore. We all have a pull to travel and witness the world first-hand.

My new friends and I sat in that hostel for four days and shared experiences with one another. We told stories and explained lessons learned along the way. We discussed everything from social issues to saving the planet to hardships and absolute beauty of traveling.

Everyone talks about these types of experiences they have while traveling. Though this was my first, it came at the perfect time. The end of my trip made my trip more special than I could’ve imagined.

Now, back to the real world: exams!

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