#BullsMeetWorld : Ruby

Hello Everyone,

I would like you all to meet my friend Ruby. She and I share a couple classes here at Exeter and have become good friends as a result. She and I often chat and make comparisons not only with England and America in general, but how our childhoods were different, what shows have been popular, and how popular culture has affected us differently based on our country. We even compared notes as to how getting into our respective universities was different. We have spent many hours over dinner discussing these and so many more differences. Ruby actually let me spend a weekend with her in her home, so that I might have an authentic, British family experience. We also went to London together, where she so kindly acted as my tour guide. I was thankful to have her because it’s nerve-racking to travel alone in such a big city! She taught me how to use the Tube and took me to some of the coolest places like Covent Garden and the London Eye. I am so happy to have made a friend while abroad, and because we both stepped out of our comfort zones and got to know one another, we will be able to give each other great opportunities. She is introducing me to British culture and showed me around London. We are now planning for her to visit me in the States and I hope to provide her with as much enriching experience as she has given me.

When Ruby took me to Buckingham Palace.

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