Making Time For Yourself – Solo Travel

Solo travel, although amazing and a chance for growth, isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. Two weeks into my month-long trip, I found myself doing some interesting things. My nights end very early and I was talking myself a little too much, to name a couple.

This past week I met up with my favorite travel buddy, Maddie. Our paths crossed in Budapest and it got me thinking about what this trip is all about.

I’m exploring everywhere. I get up early in the morning and do as much as I can fit into the few days I’m in each place. For a while, I thought this would work perfectly. I now know that burning the candle at both ends is a great way to slowly ruin a trip.

I used to feel badly if I spent too much time in a coffee shop journaling or reading while traveling. I used to feel badly if I woke up after eight in the morning. I’ve come to realize the complete opposite.

It’s okay to give yourself a break. It’s okay to take time to process everything you’re doing. If not, you won’t get out of the trips what you intended to.

Even when not traveling I’ve always found it imperative to make time for yourself. You could go through the motions of your day and lose yourself in other people’s lives. Taking time to do what fuels your soul keeps you sane and happy.

The same should be done while traveling.

For most of the rest of my trip I’m with friends. My two weeks alone, though it doesn’t sound like much, were an amazing learning experience.

If you ever want to get in touch with yourself, I would highly recommend solo travel. Just don’t forget to give yourself room to breath.

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