Thoughts on Poland

For the past week I’ve been exploring the wonderful country of Poland. Starting with four days in Krakow and continuing with four days in Warsaw, you could say I’m obsessed.

For a country riddled with horrific events and controversy, they sure own up to their history and try to make something beautiful out of it.

My family tree has roots here. This might explain why I was so eager to spend so much time in this beautiful place. I’ve come to find out that, even without family, this place would have stolen my heart.

Krakow was beyond incredible. The vast, colorful buildings that make up the Old City demand your attention in a way you’re beyond happy with. With endless museums, you can learn the entire history of Krakow in one day. Which I did.

Warsaw, being a more modern city, demands your attention in other ways. Instead of historic brick buildings there are immaculate skyscrapers. The difference stems back to the fact that Warsaw, unlike Poland, was almost completely demolished during the war.

The way the city was built up post-war indicates perseverance and strive by the Polish people.

Like Krakow, you can also learn everything there is to know about Warsaw in one day with a similar amount of museums.

One thing that should pull you towards Poland is that everything is so incredibly inexpensive. The hostels I’ve stayed in haven’t been more than $10 a night after conversion. A full meal at a nice restaurant with drinks will cost you no more than $20. There’s really no reason not to visit.

Tomorrow I journey to Budapest. Though sad to leave, I have a weird feeling I’ll be back soon.

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