Things they never tell you when your’e studying abroad

Firstly, you’re never told that you have to become ‘Buffy the bug slayer’. Now, I am not a bug killer, I’m the girl to report the bug and give all the details, then run away. Being here, I’ve had to kill 2 bugs and to say I had anxiety was an understatment. Two may sound small but when one is a venomous hornet and the other is a spider that jumps less that 5 inches beside your face, I’m suprised to be here telling this story. You really do learn more about yourself. Secondly, they never tell you that some of the best sites are right under your nose. You don’t need to go to an instagram-worthy cafe to shoot a good shot, literally go outside, I know its not a thing anymore but seriously. As seen below, all these pictures were taken on different routes I decided to try going home.


Thirdly, they never tell you that spring, doesn’t mean its always warm. Do not get me wrong, spring is a beautful time to be alive, but I have been subjected to hurricane-type weather here and there.  One week its ‘oh happy days’ and the next is like a news forcast ‘today there will be heavy showers, strong winds and dark skies’. Fourthly, you can always find culture similar to yours as far as you may go. I got to experience the Victoria Youth Group’s event, in addition to my first open mic. I got to see performances from people with the same and different cultures sharing their unique messages through music and dance.


Until my next update, enjoy this quote.

In a world where everything is constantly changing, remember you always have yourself, stay true to that. -ulani

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