Week 6: Finally the flowers will bloom!

Hello Everyone!

Spring is finally approaching Hallym University, which means soon the trees will bloom, and I will see cherry blossom trees in person! Because Chuncheon is located in the mountains, the view at Hallym University of the mountains in the distance is absolutely breath taking. Though the university is located on hills, which takes a bit of an adjustment from walking around USF’s flatter landscape and made it difficult to read the map the first weekend here, it is actually very easy to navigate around. The campus is also small to where you would not have to walk more than 13 minutes to all your classes, and that is if you were walking very leisurely to get to them.

Last week I was able to try a traditional Korean food for individuals who like spicy food. 엽떡(Yeop tteok) is a famous rice cake dish. A common delivery food, when you order it you can choose the level of spice at which you would like to eat it. It is actual common in Korea to ask someone who likes spicy food whether or not they eat this dish.

My roommates and I shared a bowl and ordered it the first level (the least spicy). The dish consists of sausage, fishcakes, rice cakes, and cheese if you would like. We also chose to order rice balls on the side.

Overall, I really liked the dish and did not find it too spicy. I prefer the texture of the fishcakes to the rice cakes because the rice cakes can be a little gummy. The rice balls when dipped in the sauce of 엽떡 was very good, but it could also be eaten on the side if the spice was a little too much for someone. A little fun fact is that when ordering 엽떡, they will actually deliver it with some sort of juice/milk/yogurt in order to alleviate the spice for anyone who needs it.

I highly recommend this for fans of spicy food! Just do not eat alone because delivery food can come in large sizes here in South Korea. 

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