Thursdays in Exeter

In every town there’s a day that’s filled with a bit more hustle and bustle than the others. The day when there are more people on the streets. The day when there are more people smiling and surrounded by loved ones. In Exeter, that day is Thursday.

I’ve been trying to figure out exactly why this is. Thursday is such a random day to have so many people not at work, but out on the town. It would make more sense if this was the case at night but I’ve noticed the traffic mostly during the day.

There’s a farmers market in town on Thursdays. It’s on a corner of the main drag, Fore Street. Around a dozen venders hit the streets in the morning to sell their produce, eggs, art and many other things. I’ve walked through this market a few times but I don’t see it being big enough to cause everyone to be out.

Walking through the streets on Thursday looks a bit brighter than other days, even during the gloom of winter. There are more street artists playing the instruments they love; from drums to flutes to vocals. The coffee shops are packed full of laughing people clutching huge mugs.

Observing Thursdays have become one of my favorite hobbies. Being in Exeter for three months now, and realizing I have less than two weeks left here, is making me realize little things like this. I’ll be leaving this town I’ve grown to know and love soon for a month, only to be back for less than a week before heading back to Florida.

This time has flown by but I have some very exciting things to come. If you ever find yourself in the UK, I would highly recommend taking a few days to explore the quaint and charming town of Exeter. Especially on a Thursday.

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