Week 5: Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Hey Everyone!

This weekend, I went to the Soyang Dam here in Chuncheon! It was truly a magnificent sight. There is a large river between two mountains that almost seems like it is glistening in the sun. You are also able to take a ferry over to a hiking trail and small town. The hiking trail leads up to a Buddhist temple and has amazing statues to see on the way up. There is also a very beautiful waterfall!

The trail up the mount is very smooth, though there is a lot of mud after it rains, and they established grooved pavement in areas where it is a little steeper in order to prevent accidents from slipping and falling due to the mud and the snow. And luckily, it works very well.

This trip was planned by the Buddy Program here at Hallym, which pairs Korean students with exchange students from all over the globe. This weekend everyone went on a picnic at Soyang Dam and was sent in teams with the task of taking photos at the major statues and landmarks until we reached the Buddhist temple at the top of the mountain. About three minutes from the top of the mountain, it began to more heavily snow and also the snow began to stick to the ground. We were walking through a winter wonderland! However, while the mountain and the landscape were a beautiful sight both covered in snow and without, we were a little worried about walking through the snow. Luckily the journey was easy, and the trail was designed to keep everyone safe and careful when needed.

In Korea there is the saying 꽃샘추위, which translates to “the winter is jealous of the flowers”. It is used to explain days where it is suddenly cold after being warm. Especially for days in Spring. I think Saturday could be used to describe this day as it was suddenly cold and snowed when it usually does not in late March. It was also nice, bright, and sunny the very next day!

Despite the unfortunate weather, the mountain and tasks where really fun, and absolutely gorgeous, and I definitely plan to go again after I know it will be warm and the trees have all regained their leaves!

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