London is Too Big

Hi Everyone,

I have now been to the capital of a foreign country! I went to London this past weekend and had a blast. During my first few weeks here, I became friends with an awesome girl here and she offered to let me stay at her house which is a short train ride to London. After our classes ended last Friday, we took a train to her family home. She then proceeded to take me on a tour of London the next day. I got to go to 221B Baker St., the home of the great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. She took me to Westminster Abbey. We rode the London eye. We explored Covent Garden, and watched some street performers along the roads in Covent Garden. We stopped in Fortnum and Masons, which happens to be the shop the Queen has her groceries purchased from. We also stopped by Kings Cross Station to see Platform 9 ¾. Two of my favorite places we went to were stores. The first is named Harrods. It is an extraordinarily high-end store full of beautiful rooms and items for sale. Each department had its own décor which made it feel like you were walking into a different store with the same theme of décor but gave the section its own personality. The second store was a bookstore called Hatchards. This bookstore opened by John Hatchard in 1797, making it the oldest bookstore in the United Kingdom. Most importantly, we took pictures outside Buckingham Palace. London was a huge city and while I did hit the main tourist spots, there are so many shops and restaurants I would like to try. London is a truly a really cool city and I cannot wait to return and continue exploring it.

Buckingham Palace
Westminster Abbey
About to enter Harrods!

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