A Lesson Learned

St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin. There are no experiences like it. Celebrating the Irish with the Irish. It’s all fun and games until you lose it all.

I was so excited for this day. My friend and I woke up early and hit the streets to get the best spot possible for the St. Paddy’s Day parade. We stood there for a few hours and watched the most interesting, unique parade. So many colors, smiling faces, funny dance moves, and weird music. This part of my day was great.

After the parade we went to Temple Bar and hit a pub. Enjoying my cider and music, I took a look around. Everyone was having so much fun. There wasn’t a frown in the place. Until mine.

After we finished our ciders we decided to leave this pub and walk around a bit to another. Squeezing through the extremely condensed crowd was not an easy task. It took about 10 minutes to scale the small place to the exit. When we finally made it out, I went to go grab my phone from my zipped up coat pocket.


Freaking out, I ran back through the pub to see if I had possibly dropped it or if someone around me had it.


The worst part about all this is that I had a phone wallet. So not only did I get my phone taken, but also my credit card and ID. Phone wallets are very convenient until they’re not.

The person who took my phone immediately turned it off. He/she was experienced and knew what they were doing. I know this because I logged into Find My iPhone and my location was off. It was nowhere to be found and that was that. This wasn’t their first rodeo.

I went into the hostel that housed the pub and told reception about my situation. I asked to contact my friend if anything came up. The man behind the counter said he’s been on shift for 40-minutes and I was the fourth person to come to him with this issue.

Being that misery loves company, this news did make me feel a bit better. It wasn’t my fault. I was targeted.

A lesson learned would be that your items are truly never safe. While traveling, especially, either hold onto your things physically in your hand or lock your things up in a purse. Even then your whole purse can be taken. Are we ever truly safe?

Another lesson learned is that everything is replaceable. A few days after this happened I purchased Vodafone’s “cheapest smart phone” that will be able to get me through the next couple months I’m abroad.

My credit card has been canceled and I’m in the process of getting a new one sent to me. My ID is gone but can be replaced when I get back to Florida. For now I’m using my passport.

Even though it puts a huge damper on a trip, being robbed, it’s never the end of the world. I had to take a step back and ask myself how I could feel so sorry for myself while in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day. Feeling silly and knowing I couldn’t do anything to fix it that day, I attempted to forget about my troubles and simply enjoy my time.

And, boy, did I enjoy it.

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