How to make it in Nottingham 101

The past weeks have been filled with courseworks back to back. The study in study abroad did not come to play, hence, I have been in a bit of hibernation. In this post I will be giving some tips on how to survive on your own. I have grown to be big on this whole solo travelling thing and I strongly encourage others to try. It really helps you to learn more about yourself and you can work on your own agenda. If given the opportunity, it is good to do this at least once. Now onto the tips.

First things first, food! If your a chef like myself, you may not appreciate the meal plan and will find yourself ordering takeout way more than you should. Catered meals can also make you miss home cooked foods and you’ll often feel like you are in prison, with the limited choices. Solution: use the meal card wisely for groceries and balance eating around the designated eating times, and don’t be afraid to maximize the condiments to give your food that little bit of home. Second tip, academics. The coursework will be very different in terms of the pace and work load. I’ve found that I have a more intensive workload at USF than Nottingham, and one may feel they have time with exams in June and nothing else. Don’t let this be you. A little a day goes a long way. It’s wise to review lectures and begin practice exams weekly to keep on track, 6 months in college is really just 6 weeks.

Thirdly, socializing. This can be very hard especially for an introvert like myself, however, travelling can really build your confidence and perspective on the world, even if it is not your best experience.  You garner a valuable and unique experience that you would not be able to get at home. You will learn to love your company and the world around you.  A good tip is to download apps associated with the host college and ask questions. Try to join their clubs, do a sport, or attend any welcome events. It is a great way to get out your comfort zone, and you’ll find a different scope of activities offered here. Most important is tip number 4, getting around. If you’re an adventurous  soul like myself, you’ll just get up and go anywhere the bus leads. Try to download transportation apps and learn the bus routes beforehand, and if not, uber is everywhere. The bus is your best-friend and is only a pound fifty. The city is also your best-friend from nightlife to clothing stores to restaurants, it literally is a one stop spot, probably where your best days will be spent.

Until next week, please enjoy this quote. “life is a journey, so make the most out of it”.

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