Back to School!

First week of school was a success (mostly)!

Okay, so remember that class I mentioned in my previous blog Love, Sex, and Death? Well, silly me thought the class would be based in science. Not entirely sure why I thought that because now knowing that it’s a philosophy class, it makes a lot more sense that it would be. Not as excited for it anymore, but on the bright side, I am taking another course called Sex and Gender Ideas which I have found to be incredibly interesting!

Don’t get me wrong though, classes here are absolutely amazing. Deakin caters mainly to online students; therefore, all in-person lectures are recorded and posted to the Cloud (Deakin’s equivalent of Canvas). I have taken great advantage of this as I have attended a few classes from the comfort of my bed. That being said, I want to be an engaged student throughout my time here, so I will be attending most lectures in-person hereon despite how comfy my bed might be that day.

In conjunction with my two women studies classes, I am also enrolled in International Finance and Managing Data and Information. I have taken a liking to each of these classes because both the lecture and seminar instructors are very engaging. That is actually another cool thing about Deakin. Each week, there is a lecture and seminar for each class. The lecture is as it name states whereas the seminars are set up to be a group discussion. It makes learning the material more enjoyable and you get to interact with your peers more than you would in a normal class. I think this would be a really cool thing for USF to adopt.

One thing that struck me when reading over the syllabi for each of my classes is that there are at most four assignments/exams throughout the trimester that count towards your grade. So essentially, if you miss or mess up one of the four assignments, you’re out of luck, but if you stay on track and get it done on time and correctly, your school/life balance is something to behold. I actually prefer it this way because I have always loathed busy work. It also makes planning my trimester out much easier! I have provided pictures of my weekly schedule and I have to say it is probably the best I have had in my college career. Another bonus is that professors are flexible to students’ lives (i.e. work, sports, etc). As long as you let them know in advance, assignment due dates can be extended!

Oh! Best of all: I HAVE PAID $0 FOR TEXTBOOKS!

I can go on and on about all the great things Deakin has to offer it students in terms of education, but the $0 for textbooks really sums it nicely. Next week, I will be talking about the events and activities Deakin offers it students! Get ready, you’re going to be jealous!



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