Exciting Things to Come

Something incredible that University of Exeter does that’s different from USF is called “Easter Holiday.” This is a month-long break for April. I believe this stems back to Easter and Lent but, being Jewish, this means a month off school to do whatever I please.

And I please a backpacking trip all over Europe.

I’ve been planning this trip since I’ve been here. As it nears closer, so do my nerves and excitement. My plan is to leave April 1st and fly back to England April 29th. I’ll hop from country to country with just a backpack on my back and adrenaline in my veins.

Planning a trip like this is quite difficult. It requires a ton of research. First you need to sit down and think about where exactly you want to go. My initial list was far too long. Revision was necessary.

I pulled up a map of Europe and found a realistic route. Once you decide a route, you need to look at transportation to estimate a budget for the month. One of the first things I heard about Exeter was this month-long break. Knowing this was going to be a more pricy month, I’ve been saving up for it.

The most amazing thing about Europe is how cheap it is to explore. Traveling from one country to another could be as cheap as an 8 pound bus. If you desire exploring Europe, travel should be the least of your worries.

Another thing to consider when planning a backpacking trip is accommodation. Of course, where you know people, stay with them. But if you don’t really know anyone on this side of the world, hostels are incredible. Especially if you’re traveling alone, which I am, hostels are a great way to sleep for cheap and meet people going through the same thing you are.

Most hostels have bars and common areas like kitchens and dining rooms. You’d be surprised how friendly fellow backpackers are. They are also in a foreign place, possibly by themselves, and they want to meet people as much as you do.

Some of the most incredible people I’ve come across are met in hostels traveling. This is one of the most exciting things I’ve experienced. You have no idea how much you can learn from other people until you’re in the situation.

There are so many exciting things coming up and I find myself lacking sleep with endless thoughts circling around my brain. If you ever consider travel, throw away your excuses and simply go!

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