Spring is Real!

Hello everyone!

I grew up in Florida. This means that while I did learn about the seasons growing up, the only ones I was able to really experience were summer, and about a month or two of winter if we Floridians were particularly lucky. I honestly did not think about experiencing different seasons while abroad, or how they would differ from back home. I just new that England was going to be cold. When I first arrived, it was as cold as I expected, and the landscape varied between brown and green. Over the past couple weeks, I have noticed a change. The weather is slowly starting to climb, averaging the mid-fifties instead of mid-thirties like when I first arrived. During my walks each day, I began to notice random small patches of flowers. Now, there are patches of daffodils everywhere I go, from the sides of the hill on which the University of Exeter sits, to between buildings next to the sidewalk. My walk to class is dotted with various flower patches and blooming trees. My favorite is the cherry blossom trees, which look like they are covered in a light snow instead of flowers. Even the big plots of what seems to be only grass are now dotted with little white flowers every so many feet. I had never thought of England as a place to experience the beginning of spring, but now I see it everywhere. Getting to experience the change in seasons is just another of the many cool experiences that is making my time in study abroad unique.

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