Devon Style is Correct

Hello everyone,

I had the pleasure to take cream tea with a couple friends this past weekend. One of my friend’s mother grew up in Weymouth and told us that we had to go to a little tea house called the Upwey Wishing Well and Water Gardens Tea Room for cream tea. What is cream tea you might ask? Cream tea, also known as Devonshire tea, is an afternoon meal consisting of tea, a scone, clotted cream, and jam. While enjoying our tea, we discussed the apparent debate on the proper way to take your cream tea. There are apparently two schools of the thought, the Devon method and the Cornish method. The Devon method is splitting your scone in half. Then you spread your clotted cream on each side, followed by jam. The Cornish method is again splitting your scone in half but putting on the jam then the clotted cream. Apparently, this is a highly debated topic, but since I am studying in the Devon county, I subscribe to the Devon method (the superior method). Right before our tea, we walked through the water gardens and we each took a turn throwing a coin in the wishing well. A beautiful brook ran through the gardens, and the pathways were lined with various plants and statues, making me feel like I was in the Secret Garden. Our tea was wonderful, and I was happy to take part in the British tradition of cream tea. I could definitely see myself implementing my own afternoon tea break at home!

My Cream Tea
The Wishing Well and the Brook

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