Week 4: Everything’s better with cats

As usual, the week started off very average, I have however, made some not so futile attempts in organizing my life. I managed to go to bed earlier, get up before 12 and go the library. I’ve also managed to tick off 90% of my to-do list. The new place that I’ve visited this week was Kitty Cafe, and although I’m 60% a dog person, the other 40% cat person was still in heaven. It’s an amazing concept, the food was great and there were cats of all kinds running around. I felt like a kid running from post to post to seek out the cats. In fact, I was sitting with the kids there to do just that. If you ever want to feel like 12 again, or just be surrounded by cats who will mostly ignore you for their toys, Kitty Cafe is the place to be.


p.s. I know what this looks like, someone going to a cat cafe with no cats, but I promise there were so many all too distracted by themselves for pictures, and the videos will not load. Apologies

In challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone, my friend and I, both being introverts and indecisive, decided to go to a dance class. We had a few back and forth moments after seeing the crowd and levels of professionalism, however, we went ahead and pursued. Our confidence level started at around 3/10, but quickly fell to a -3 after the music started and the dance moves flew right over my head. The pace had more energy than my entire week, but the experience was definitely worth it. I won’t include the video because my dancing attempt was indeed futile and I want to keep the whole ‘trying new things’ message without making a joke of myself.  I am proud that I did something that I would have never gotten out of my room to do and experiences are always better when you share them.

This week, I want to challenge everyone to build a routine as this can be very valuable to creating a productive day and building good habits. Until next week, find something new to do that inspires you. -Ulani


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