Sunday Dinner… I Mean Roast

I have now had the pleasure of taking part in a British tradition, the Sunday roast. One thing that I noticed when I arrived is that stores close early on Sundays. Apparently, this is a normal British thing so that people can go home and have Sunday roast with their families. A Sunday roast is basically a roast dinner, normally either beef, pork, or chicken, and all of the trimmings, where you sit and enjoy the company of others while enjoying your food. These foods include but are not limited to; potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, carrots, and parsnips. I have now been to two Sunday roasts at two different establishments. The first was at a pub called The Old Firehouse. My mother was in town, so I was able to celebrate my first-time taking part of a British tradition with family! I ordered a beef roast. The meat was wonderfully tender, and the gravy complemented it nicely. The stuffing was also delicious. The vegetables, except for the carrots, were cooked thoroughly. The Yorkshire pudding was fine, but it was not the best part of the dish. The second roast I had was from a pub called Oddfellows. I invited a girl, who I wished to get to know better, to join and we had a wonderful time chatting and enjoying our afternoon. Here I also got a beef roast. Compared to my first roast, the food this time was mediocre. There was noticeably less beef, which lacked seasoning. The parsnips and potato also lacked flavor. The gravy on the other hand was delicious and the Yorkshire pudding was also nicely crisp on the outside, but fluffy on the inside. I also ordered a lemonade, which they made from scratch that was nicely tart. Both places had both their good and bad points, but overall, I think I could make Sunday roasts with either friends, family, or both, a regular event.

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