Spontaneous Trips – A Semester Abroad Must-Do

Weekends in Exeter are what you make of them. It’s a small town and university students don’t really venture out when it isn’t a weekday. “Locals Nights” they call it. Because of this, I decided that every other weekend, you can find me exploring somewhere new. This weekend; Cardiff, Wales.

There are many factors that go into planning a trip. Doing it on a whim causes stress and craziness but I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. A couple days ago my friend Maddie and I decided Cardiff was our next victim. So far we’ve done London, Amsterdam, Bristol, Bath and St. Ives. We’re great travel buddies.

30-minutes after our decision to turn Welsh for the weekend, we found the cheapest form of transportation to get ourselves there. A walk to a bus to a train to a walk there. A walk to a train to another train to a bus to another walk back. All for only 30 pounds! Sign us up.

30-minutes later we found our home for the weekend. We’ll be staying at Mrs. Potts hostel in the heart of Cardiff’s city center. Seeming straight out of a fairy tale, we’ll be greeted with pastel colors, bunkbeds that could be for children, and cute knick-knacks all around. This was a sure bet for us!

A few days after that we have a good idea about what we want to see and do while over there. We have a list of probably too many restaurants and just the right amount of attractions! Too much food has never been an issue for us.

The Cardiff Castle is a must, according to the absurd amount of travel blogs I’ve explored. Mermaid’s Quay will be explored once the sun goes down. Many museums will fill our brains with history and fun facts about Wales. We have ourselves a trip!

Although planning a spontaneous trip could make you want to pull out your hair sometimes, it’s so worth it. Time should never be an issue. Just breath, center yourself, and plan your next getaway!


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