Weeks 2 and 3:Futile attempt at organizing my life

This week had highs and lows, the “education” in education abroad really came out and I spent the whole second week with assignments. I attempted to get my life on track by balancing academics, health and socializing. This attempt started out strong as I got familiar with the gym, however, after two days I was back into my lazy ways, so it’s a good thing this is not a fitness blog, then I’d be failing everyone. Things continued going relatively south as I got drawn into the monotony of class, sleep, eat, repeat. Continuing the attempt to organize my life, I decided to buy a book with this same title (see picture below) thinking that this will be my redemption. So far, the pages are filled with to do boxes all of which are empty.


In week 3, after my hefty workload, I decided to try to visit a new place every week in Nottingham and take more pictures as I would face a lengthy lecture from my mother if I did not. I visited the Nottingham Wheel located in the heart of Nottingham and in visiting I learned that, I had not gotten over my fear of heights and continuously questioned what did I do as I wobbled in what felt like 1000 feet from the ground. The following day I visited a youth group meeting in which I made some new connections and received a very powerful message. I really try to venture out as much as I can because it is important to not stay in your comfort zone, and my comfort zone is usually staying in my room watching netlfix, eating a bag of popcorn and avoiding other forms of communication. I definitely escaped my comfort zone here, as when I arrived, it was a dance and lyric battle which little ol’ me was not expecting, it was like walking out a door into a crowd expecting you to perform. How do you overcome a fear of being put on the spot? say you’re the video person, it does wonders. Nevertheless, I had fun. In the future, I do hope to tick off some of those boxes, but for now it will continue to be a futile attempt at organizing my life.

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Off topic, I also began taking a lot of landscape pictures which I have fallen in love with, even walking the same path everyday it feels like a new scene. Who new trees could be so beautiful with the right sun. Until next week, please enjoy this quote.


The only way to make a habit is to start. Starting comes from relinquishing what the mind does not think it can do, and conditioning it to believe it can. – Ulani


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