Literal Baths Are In Bath

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I decided to take a trip to Bath, England. Bath is mainly known for being a home to the largest Roman bath house outside of Rome itself. While researching Bath, I was able to get a ticket to go and see the baths. Outside of the bath house was a massive line wrapping around the building, but since I bought my ticket ahead of time, I was able to bypass the waiting and go straight in. The walls were light stone and looked exactly how one might imagine a building in Rome would look.  Everyone was given a walkie talkie where they could key in a number displayed in various sections of the baths to hear about each area’s history. Then the walkway led to a balcony overlooking the main bath. The balcony had stone railings, and every so many feet was a statue of some great Roman leaders including Julius Caesar, and Constantine the Great. The baths below were filled from a natural hot spring, and people believed that both bathing and drinking the water could cure any sort of ailments. The Romans would travel to Bath and sacrifice to the patron goddess, Sulis Minerva. They then would go through a series of baths and massage treatments. When I went downstairs, I was able to walk through the courtyard that citizens would sacrifice in. Next, I could walk by the actual main bath (pictured below). On either side of the main bath were rooms that acted as saunas, massage rooms and cold therapy baths. At the very end of the walk through, there was a fountain where you could actually try a sip of the mineral hot spring water. I did try it, and it was not the greatest. It was very warm and tasted like kind of like Sulfur, but who knows, maybe I won’t ever get sick again.

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