Going to Hallym University

Hello, my name is Samanta Isaj and I am concurrent degree student studying Psychology and Anthropology. This semester I will be traveling to Hallym University in South Korea with the support of the Education Abroad Scholarship Fund for Spring 2019.

I am really excited for my trip to South Korea and everything it has to offer. Hallym University is an hour away from the capital of Seoul, in Chuncheon, which makes it a prime location to learn the language, and interact with a lot of local individuals. South Korea also has a great public transportation system so trips to Seoul and other cities like Busan can be managed within my four month trip. Furthermore, I am ecstatic to start my classes and learn about the culture, history, and lifestyle of Korea. I also hope to see beautiful sights like the Seoul Forest once the leaves begin to grow back and educational sights like the National Museum.

In the future, I wish to be a clinical psychologist that works first hand with patients. I love to learn about people and cultures and I believe that a person’s culture and background plays a strong role in who they are. I think this trip will help me grow as a person as I experience how other people live their lives and learn about their views and values. Studying abroad and volunteering abroad also shows my willingness to learn and my ability to grow in new diverse communities which will act as a stepping stone towards graduate school and my professional career. 

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