Minor But Different, In a Good Way.

In the short time I’ve been abroad, I have learned so much about England. There are so many weird facts that I had never even thought about before. Something that I recently learned was how the Brits define their towns. In the states, it is normally based on size, but here in the United Kingdom, the type of town is based on the religious buildings in the area. For instance, if the location has a Cathedral, then it is a city. Bristol is a city in England that is much bigger than Exeter, but since they both have Cathedrals, they are both considered cities. In order to be classified as a town, there must be multiple places of worship that are not cathedrals. A village would just have to have one church. A hamlet is a very small town with no place of worship, mostly consisting of homes. These definitions are now only loosely used, but traditionally this was how places people lived were classified. I have also learned about some of the different general mannerisms that people from the United States might find odd. For instance, almost everyone here is super polite towards one another, and in restaurants, the waiters are so polite that they don’t bring you the check until you ask because they do not want to rush you. Since I did not know this the first time I went out to eat, I spent a lot of time sitting and wondering if I had to go somewhere to pay the check.  It’s pretty cool to learn all of the little differences that make Britain unique and I can’t wait to learn more!

The Bristol Cathedral

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