Sustainable Development Goals

The sustainable development goal mainly addressed while abroad in Cuba was number 3: Good Health and Well-Being. This goal is to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. We addressed this goal everyday while in Cuba and it was obvious that the country itself, and healthcare professionals, go about this goal in a different way. Cuba has established community doctors that cover a vast number of patients over a short span of land. This is done because not everyone will openly go to the doctor, or even can go if they are too sick. Community doctors are established to developed personal relationships with the community members and ensure their personal health is up to par.

As far as other clinical/ specialty doctors within the city of Havana, we questioned them about health interventions and how they reached out to Cuban citizens. These individuals would try to advertise safe sex by using condoms and bring health outcomes to the attention of community members who smoke and/or drink. They described how hard it is to reach out to a portion of the community members whether it be they don’t want to go tot the doctors, they don’t care about the health outcomes their habits create, or they don’t have time to schedule check-ups or tests. This is why the community doctors are implemented, to work from home and establish close connections with the Cuban citizens.

I think this goal was very applicable to the study abroad program. Everyday we discussed aspects in relation to Good Health and Well-Being such as healthcare, eating habits, physical activity, and how the architecture/community layout effects one’s health. This goal was also important to keep in mind when thinking about possible intervention strategies that could improve not only Cuba’s health, but health on a global scale considering they are a developing country.

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