A Weekend in London

For my first weekend trip abroad I thought it would be fitting to go somewhere close to Exeter and famous. Four Americans and one Canadian packed bags, bought tickets, and made our way to London Town.

The travel there was seamless as is all travel around the UK. It seems that’s something the Brits have down pat. I won’t go through my entire trip but I do want to highlight one major part; Westminster Abbey.

Being that I had never even heard of this immaculate place before, I wasn’t over the moon that we were spending money and time here. Boy, would I take that back soon.

One of my friends is a history major and wouldn’t stop raving about The Abbey. When we arrived, I turned around to her and noticed she was crying. I couldn’t understand why, though I soon would. I saw that it was a beautiful, old building but wondered what could possibly be inside that would make someone so emotional. I was intrigued.

We bought our tickets, collected our headset to spew all the history directly into our ears, and began our exploration.

To say that this place is amazing is an understatement. I couldn’t believe how many incredible people were honored in one place. From Winston Churchill to Stephen Hawking to (my very favorite) William Shakespeare.

We spent a good hour exploring all the names and history this place had to offer. The outside looks like the most grand, incredibly built, 929-year-old building I had ever laid eyes on. Once you walk in, it’s a whole other story.

The stain glass mosaic shines and glows so bright when the sun hits it that I almost had to look away. I would damage my eyes to see that again. The pillars holding up the grand, 225-foot-tall ceilings are thicker and more detailed than I could’ve imagined.

The archways that housed the weddings of English royalty are stone engraved with gold flowing through the veins. The ceilings are covered in thin rows of spider-leg-like stone that meet in the center by huge blobs of gold. The gothic-style of the 1700s is something that can’t be replicated today, only appreciated.

Just thinking about the attention to detail within the walls, ceilings, stairs, floors and every other part of this church is mind-blowing. It’s truly something one could only fully understand by physically going there.

Out of the entirety of London I explored this past weekend, Westminster Abbey is the one place that truly impacted me. The truth is, no matter what you find interesting, you can find something to rave about in there. The people within The Abbey are all greats; from artists to royalty to scientists to poets and more. For all of these people to be brought together after death in one place says something about life. No matter what our path is, we all unite as one after death. I found it poetic and uplifting.

I feel honored to have been able to experience this place firsthand. The knowledge I consumed throughout this trip is something I could not learn in a history book. I can’t wait to be back and learn even more.


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