Cornish Pasties in Cornwall

Hello everyone!

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to take a day trip to St. Ives, Cornwall with the Exeter Study Abroad office! Early last Saturday I met up with the other study abroad students and boarded the coach to Cornwall. We arrived at the top of a hill over looking the valley. The valley was filled with one of the cutest little towns I had ever seen. We made our way down the side of the hill and searched for food. Ever since I found out that St. Ives was in Cornwall, I knew what I must have for lunch. As soon as I reached the bottom, I began my search for a Cornish pasty. I looked in every store I passed and searched feverishly for about fifteen minutes before finding a little bakery claiming to have the oldest pasty recipe in all the land. I grabbed a steak pasty and began my trek to explore St. Ives. Throughout the day, I learned different little historical facts about the town. St. Ives surrounds a harbor, which fluctuate greatly with the change in tides, creating a nice little beach. This harbor used to be filled with fishing boats because seafood was St. Ives main source of income. As time wore on, St. Ives grew into an arts village where many famous artists and sculptors such as Barbara Hepworth found their inspiration. I visited a small church in the town and Barbara Hepworth had specifically made one of her sculptures for the church I just happened to visit! St. Ives was absolutely beautiful, and I feel so lucky that I got to explore it as my first day trip!

P.S. I was not allowed to take a picture of the statue actually in the church, but here is a link to see it on the Cornwall Guide website.

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