Me before U…K

My name is Ulani Rodney and I’m a junior chemical engineer soon to be studying at the University of Nottingham for the Spring 2019 semester. I am a proud recipient of the Education Abroad Passport Scholarship and I’m excited for the journey.  I could go on about my passions to travel and change the world through medicine, but first here’s a little background info.

Two years ago, I started USF, which was my first study abroad as I am originally from ‘the land of wood and water’, also known as Jamaica. Being from this island, there is an abundance of natural resources but the country falls short with healthcare and environmental sustainability. With the ongoing deaths from cancer and other diseases, I developed a passion for changing the world of medicine through a healthy lifestyle and non-invasive procedures. With the advanced research opportunities at USF, this started the fire in me to inspire change. My ambition is to have a startup of an organic skin care line, in addition to a line of food products which target specific diseases. I also aspire to create technologies that can cure threatening illnesses without damaging healthy cells which would otherwise lead to further complications. I like to go by the mantra of ‘healing from the inside out’, and for me, that is only possible by controlling what you put in your body.

Traveling abroad allows me to develop a global network which I can use as a platform to share and develop ideas with like-minded people. As I strongly believe that you learn from every experience both good or bad, going to the U.K. would help me to grow as a person whilst fulfilling my academic requirements.  It is also a personal goal for me to have a ‘colorful’ passport and travel to as many places as I can, given the opportunity. I am specifically excited for this trip as it is a dream of mine to go to Europe. While studying abroad I hope to meet new people, experience a new culture, embark in research and broaden my knowledge but in and out of engineering. I look forward to sharing and being an inspiration to others.

When thinking of limits always remember, the limit does not exist.


Introductory picture of myself


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