Finals (Living in Akita Pt. 15)

Unfortunately, writing consistently has been difficult recently; with finals having arrived, and thousands of words long essays due, keeping up with anything besides classes has been a task of its own. It’s a shame, especially since tensions are so high between all the students, knowing that soon we’ll all be leaving. I also find it a shame that, if I am to see them again, it will be through significant difficulty, though I’d love to be able to if the chance arose. For now I’m taking comfort in the fact that soon I’ll have many talented and bright friends around the world, from America to Japan.

Having reached this point, I’ve realized some of the mistakes I’d made academically (don’t take an intensive language course for a language which isn’t spoken in your country of study. It’s not a good idea. Make sure you understand the format of foreign textbooks, which might not follow the patterns your used to- especially language books! Many are set up from back to front in Asian languages, from what I’ve both seen and heard.) and understand some of the things I did right (do try and find a balance between work and being with people and your environment!); I’m glad I was able to do this, because I was able to meet almost all of my personal and academic goals. I only hope to continue to do this well as I move forward, especially if I end up in Korea next semester; even though this was at times incredibly challenging, I learned a lot of things that I might never have otherwise, and desire all the more to continue learning and exploring as I go on.

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