One Final Bout (Living in Akita Pt.13)

  With classes winding down to an end and midterms quickly approaching, me and a friend made one last trip into the city before bunking down to spend the next two weeks studying and hiding from the cold. This last weekend it started to snow, and while it began slowly, it never really stopped; there’s now about a foot of snow in some places, and it’s piling up more and more. Fortunately, it wasn’t too bad at the step-off to the weekend, and considering that after these two weeks have ended I’ll have no idea when I’ll see snow again, I could really appreciate how beautiful it made everything.

  Although I’ve been to many of the destinations in the city, a few had eluded me; we started by going to the Selion Tower (or the Akita Port Tower) which has a great view of both the port and the city. Although it was difficult to see through the weather, what could be seen was gorgeous, with the whole city coated under a thick blanket of snow. From there, we caught the last bus back into the city, and had some ramen and okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes) at a diner deeper in the city. The diner itself seemed a lot like many of the others on the street, snuck into a chain of buildings, each of which is stuffed with any number of small izakaya (Japanese bars) and ramen shops, but the ramen was better than any we’d had in Japan thus far.

We also had a chance to visit an old Satake museum, nearby a shrine and a reconstructed Kubota castle turret, each of which had their own charms and I’d recommend visiting to anyone studying in Akita (All inside Senshu Park!); then, before finally heading back, we stopped by the Red Brick Museum and the Retro Museum, each of which was interesting in it’s own way. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to visit again, so I’m glad I had the chance to see all I could while I was there!

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