Globalized Life (Living in Akita Pt.9)

   In a world where globalization is quickly and constantly snaking its grasp around the planet, it can be easy to forget what country you’re in; in a school whose demographics are on par with America’s diversity as a country, where classes are taught in English, where technology is balancing the average alongside America, with both impressively modern establishments and more traditional ones alongside each other around every corner, it can be hard to see everything as different. And yet, everything is.

   Unfortunately, I think I still spend an unhealthy percentage of my time in front of my computer; but, that’s a consequence of trying to maintain grades while abroad, which can be difficult in and of itself. Now, google translates the Japanese results of my English searches, but other than that the experience hasn’t much changed. Studying is studying, though it can make it easier to study in an immersive environment, and there are plenty of opportunities to study in ways that I can’t back home.

   The demographics are different as well; in America, everyone is from somewhere, but we’re all American (unless maybe you’re an exchange student, or don’t really want to be American- to say nothing contentious about immigration policies or the frequent attempted de-Americanizing of people nowadays). Everyone here has their own culture, from the Americans and our often loosely clung to but strongly ingrained Americanism, to the Japanese, who often fear for their cultures death, and perpetuate and appreciate it as often as they can. Everyone comes from somewhere else, but they come together for each other in an Amazing way.

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