Day: November 4, 2018



            What is Italian food? Pasta! I never knew there were so many different types of pastas until I came to Florence! Tuna pasta? Yes, even tuna pasta exists. But there is more than pasta. Pizza is another Italian favorite. And no, American pizza is not the same as Italian pizza. Italian pizza is the ...


Health Abroad (Living in Akita, Pt.4)

I just got out of what was not the best week of my study abroad so far; not because of any lack of opportunities for me to engage in the topics I’ve brought up thus far- the cultural and countryside living activities- but because I was wholly unprepared for it. Japan is often- from my ...


Cultural Differences (Living in Akita Pt. 8)

Recently, I’ve been working on a paper for a class on Sociolinguistics pertaining to intercultural ideas of politeness and cultural norms, and it got me thinking about the subtle differences between cultures that don’t always come up. Having been in Japan for over two months now, I’ve had plenty of time to adjust to many ...