A Dream Come True

Hi everyone, my name is Maria and I am studying abroad in Florence for Fall 2018. I have been dreaming about studying abroad my whole life―well that might be a slight exaggeration, but at least since 5th grade―so I can hardly explain how excited I am for this semester.

I chose Italy as my study abroad location for several reasons, the main one being that Italian history really interests me. The Renaissance, the Dark Ages, and the Enlightenment (just to name a few) are periods of Italian history that I have loved studying over the past couple years, so being able to study in Florence―a place where so many influential people both lived and worked in the past―is so humbling.

I am an English major at USF with a specialization in Professional Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology. Writing is something that I’ve always loved, but as I grew up I began to realize just how difficult it can be to actually turn that into viable career. Jobs that center around writing are few and far between. However, with this specialization, I am able to explore other interests of mine―journalism, research, technology, etc.―while still working in a field that prioritizes writing.

Here are a few facts about me! I love being outdoors―whether I’m hiking, roller-blading, sailing, or just playing with my dog, I love spending time outside. Being from Florida, I love the beach, as typical as that is to say. However, that wasn’t always the case. I had a terrifying experience with riptide when I was younger and disliked going to the beach for years after. Thankfully, that’s changed, and now I love spending time there, especially going on walks at sunrise and sunset. The east coast offers great waves; yet, I’ve still never learned to surf. That’s something I have on my bucket list. One last but definitely still important fact, I love the color orange! It’s very underrated in my opinion.





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