Month: October 2018


Monoligualism in a Multilingual Environment (Living in Akita Pt.7)

Since I’ve come to Japan and began speaking to various non-native English speakers, I’ve thought a lot about the status of English in the linguistic food chain. I think a lot of English speakers, especially in America, consider English to be an international language. Often considered a lingua franca in the modern linguistic climate, the ...

Togetherness in Japan? (Living in Akita pt.6)

Japan never ceases to impress me when it comes to working together to get things done. Since arriving here, I've become increasingly aware that America has an active attitude that once the time for something has passed, its over; “c'est la vie”. I've heard a lot of talk about “shoganai” culture in Japan- the Japanese ...

Part 1: Introduction and First Few Weeks in Japan

The land of wonder that is Japan strikes curiosity in many around the globe, including myself. Ever since I was a child, I have always held a particular interest in Japan and its rich history, which ultimately lead me to pursue a degree in and specialize in Japanese history. I had always dreamed of going ...

First Day in Florence

A day full of surprises.

A Dream Come True

Studying abroad in Florence―a dream come true.