Getting Started with Education Abroad & Thinking About Funding

So you want to study abroad, huh?

First things first: you’ll want to pick a program, or at least have a general idea!

To do so, check out or website here. You can search for programs by location, time of year, or even courses that you want to take. If you are not seeing something you like, come into our office (MSC 3301), give us a call (813-974-5474), or shoot us an email ( and we can help you out–no appointment necessary!

Rachel Miller, Honors Peru 2018

Key things to know about your study abroad experience:

  • Is the program being offered by USF or another partner?
  • Does the program offer direct credit or transfer credit? Or, are you doing an exchange program?
  • How many credits are you taking on your program? During that term?
  • What is included in your program cost?
    • Food, tuition, passports, flights, visas, transportation, and excursions may or may not be included.

*all of this will affect how your program is billed and, if you get financial aid, how your financial aid will pay out.

How does it all work?

  1. Applying to a study abroad program does not commit you to anything! We do, however, encourage you to apply early to have more time to prep, budget, save, fundraise, and apply for scholarships. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss the program you want to go on and the number and type of credits you will be receiving. Also, be sure to look through the financial terms and conditions of your program for details about payment deadlines before agreeing!
  2. After being accepted into a program, you have to go back into your application and commit to your program. Committing makes you financially liable, so be sure you are ready!
  3. After you commit, Education Abroad will charge your OASIS account within a day or two. Once we do, you’ll get a very important email from . Be sure to read it thoroughly because it has a ton of important information about how and when to pay!
  4. Once we charge your account, you have five business days to pay your program deposit of $500. You can’t wait on this, so make sure you have the money before committing to the program. You can use your financial aid to pay for this as long as you’ve already received the money from Financial Aid. Also, this $500 comes right out of your program fees, so you’ve already paid for $500 bucks of your program charges– Congrats!
  5. If you’re doing a summer program, the rest of your payments are due either April 15th or May 15th, depending on your program departure date. Make sure to find this in your financial terms and conditions or in the email from you will get as soon as you commit.

We know planning for studying abroad can be a little crazy, but we’ve got a great team that’s always here to help! Free to email, (, call (813-974-5474), or come in (MSC 3301) anytime.

What about financial aid?

So, you receive financial aid? That’s awesome, because most financial aid can be used for our study abroad programs! Federal aid, like loans and the Pell Grant can be used on direct credit and exchange programs, and Florida Pre-Paid can be used to pay for tuition charges on these types of programs. Bright Futures can be used on semester exchange programs, and sometimes in the summer. USF has so many different types of study abroad programs though, that it’s important to know what kind of program you are going on and what kind or credit you are getting so that Education Abroad and Financial Aid can assist you.

Financial aid and education abroad can get a bit complicated, but luckily we have all kinds of information and go way more in depth here, so take a look!

Let’s talk deferments:

So what happens if you are receiving financial aid or scholarships but you will not get the money in time to pay your program charges?

  • In this case, you will need to request a deferment from Education Abroad. Although these requests are not guaranteed, each one will be reviewed by our office and we will let you know how to move forward.

What if I already get a tuition deferment from financial aid?

  • An education abroad deferment is issued by our office and is different from a tuition deferment from Financial Aid. In fact, this is an internal process and financial aid won’t know about your Education Abroad deferment, nor will it appear on your OASIS account. Also, even if you receive a tuition deferment from Financial Aid, you will not be considered automatically eligible for a deferment for your program charges.

How do I request one of these wonderful deferments?

  • Email for a deferment request form. They can also be found on our website here, or you can also stop by our office in MSC 3301 anytime! Be sure to email it to with all of the necessary documentation.

What else do I need to receive a deferment?

  • You need to provide proof of your awards. This can be a screenshot of your OASIS once award notices have been granted, or a scholarship award letter. Also, if you receive the GI Bill, just let us know and we will get you taken care of!

Almost done:

We mentioned at the beginning that you want to know what kind of credit you will be getting and what kind of program you are going on. Most of these details about payments and billing are related to a USF direct credit program. If you’re going on another program through a provider company, another university, or receiving any kind of transfer credit, you are going to want to come in and talk with us and with financial aid so we can make sure everything will run smoothly with your billing and payments. Don’t worry though, we will get you taken care of! Come in anytime to MSC 3301, call us at (813) 974-5474, or email if you ever have any questions or issues about payments and billing.

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