Getting Through the Week (Living in Akita Pt.3)

  One thing that’s easy to overlook when choosing a study abroad destination is how studious the people of that country are. There are plenty of myths (especially concerning Japan) in regards to how hard and frequently people study; really though, it depends on the school, and the individual people there.

  Because Akita is such an international environment, there are lots of people from different cultures who have different ideas about how much they should study to get along. Different people have different course loads as well, and different ideas of how much time they should be spending getting away from studying to experience the culture around them.

  Because of this, I’ve found it’s extremely important during study abroad to monitor your own workload. There are tons of chances to get out, and with all those opportunities it can be hard to focus on school, but the consequences of failing a class out of country can be pretty heavy.

  To avoid feeling like you came to a different country just to study all the time, it can be good to remember that you don’t have to just study in your room; get out, and learn in the country. Study with friends in the library, or at a local park, or anywhere relaxed enough to study at. Many schools have dedicated study places outside of the library for specific courses, so look into those as well! If you’re studying language, go out and try to use what you learned as soon as possible with anyone before heading into the workbook, and you’ll be able to get through it much faster and easier.

Nakajima Library at Akita International University; an adventure in and of itself

  As a final note, no matter how much studying you have to do, remember that there’s always the weekend. Do as much as you have to to maintain a balance between work and adventure, because that’s what you’re here for.

Weekend visit to Lake Tazawa

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