Intro to Me!!

Hello Going Places Bloggers, my name is Lauren Prisco and I am a Freshman in the pre-nursing program here at USF. I studied abroad this past summer through the ACE program to Ecuador while taking the Biological Principles for Non-majors course. For those of you not familiar to the ACE program (which stands for Academic and Cultural Engagement) it is a summer semester offered to incoming freshman to get acclimated to life at University of South Florida along with allowing students to travel abroad/away to various locations including Costa Rica, Canada, the Keys, Ecuador, and Washington, D.C. all of which dependent upon what class you chose to take. As I am pursuing the nursing profession I decided on the Biology class which was actually quite entertaining and more relevant than I expected. Since it was technically for “non-majors” my professor geared the class towards what he believed all individuals should know about various topics in biology; and of course I was more than thrilled to be able to go to Ecuador. One of my favorite things in the entire world is traveling, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to travel abroad before the fall semester. A little bit more about me; my hobbies include reading, napping, and exercising. I love being outdoors- I’m from Connecticut so I particularly enjoy hiking, camping, and boating; I am also very interested in nutrition and may possibly minor in the subject. After graduation I hope to become a travel nurse in the United States and work in Colorado, Arizona, California, Washington, Hawaii, and maybe go back to the Northeast for a bit- basically go anywhere and everywhere. My end goal of becoming a nurse is being able to partake in organizations such as Nurses Without Borders, the Red Cross, or maybe even the Peace Corps. I hope to be able to travel abroad again next year in the spring semester as the trip to Ecuador was a truly eye-opening experience, and led me to begin my journey in pursuing the Global Citizen’s award through the Global Citizen’s Project. In my future posts I will be (retrospectively) posting about my trip to Ecuador and how my day-to-day experiences relate to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, which will be explained further at a later date. Happy reading!

(The featured picture is my family and me at my high school graduation! I’m on the bottom left.)

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