Ireland Study Abroad 2018

As we were about to take off to Dublin, I really had no idea what to expect from this country or from this class. My first few days in the city were overwhelming, there were so many people – it was alive and thriving, however, what we discovered in our behavioral healthcare program is that the homeless community in Ireland has dramatically increased within the last few decades. All over the city of Dublin, there were men, women, and children sleeping in sleeping bags, under blankets, or simply just on the street because they had nowhere to go, or because the homeless shelter had run out of beds, or the people simply did not feel safe sleeping in that environment. A sustainable development goal for our program was equality–essentially, leaving no one, no man, woman, or child left in the street, no matter the circumstance. Our first day of class taught us that without the basic essentials, like a roof over your head, we are unable to reach our full potential because of the strife associated with being homeless, or being in between homes, juggling multiple jobs to afford your rent, etc.

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