Ireland Study Abroad 2018 (2)

I think that my experience in Ireland was very influential. It opened my eyes to bigger problems, compared to the mere petty issues I deal with at home. I picked this program about homelessness because it was a social policy program; although I do not agree with all social policies, this program was able to show me the importance of micro-policy, the importance of establishing an empathetic reaction to everyones different circumstances. No one chooses to be homessless, but life happens, mistakes are made, and if we were able to put a face and a story behind each person, then more people would be willing to care, rather than disregarding the issue because of the negative stipulation behind macro-policy and national statistics about homeless men and women. This program showed me the importance of welfare for low-income families, the importance of social policies in regard to those who have, and those who are experiencing homelessness, and the importance of putting policy into place to ensure that people in the future do not experience homelessness, and if they do, it should be a short and quickly resolved problem.

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