Intentional policy toward ending homelessness in Ireland

As the days continue to pass, the more we became aware of the serious implications behind homelessness. First of all, only 20% of people who are homeless sleep on the streets. This hit me hard. Where are the other 80%? They’re usually sleeping in their cars, sleeping on others’ couches, temporarily set up in a room with a friend or relative, in a homeless shelter, etc. The point is that most people who experience homelessness shouldn’t be associated with the people who “sleep rough”. Homelessness is everywhere, whether you see it or not. And it affects more lives daily than one might think. In Dublin, the root cause behind the dramatic increase in homelessness derives from the relocation of corporations like Google, and Apple. Not only did these companies bring their employees with them into the city, it forced many hard working Irish men and women out of the housing market. This was my “aha” moment. That although these people had jobs, have usually maintained a job and a home for quite a while, made an income, possibly had families, were pushed out of the private rental sector housing market. Although unintentional, these landlords knew they could raise their rents and get more money from the men and women who make more money working for the employees at Google. This has systematically turned into a vicious cycle, leaving many people without a place to live and troubling the Irish government as their homeless numbers continue to rise.

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