Homelessness in Ireland 2018

I selected this program specifically because I want to be educated on the importance behind certain social policies. As a conservative, I believe it is important to at least be educated on the premise behind these policies, when all they are put into place for is to aid people when they are out on their luck, disabled, working with low-income, etc. I selected this program because I am a humanist. This class perfectly put it into perspective for me. There are plenty of people out there who work hard and still are unable to afford affordable housing, while properly taking care of their kids, and meeting every deadline for all of their bills. It is a real problem, these people are unable to keep up and end up on the streets, in shelters, on their sisters couch, or somewhere else. Every person on this earth deserves a roof over their head and food in their mouth. It’s simple. There is no growth, meeting your potential or being a contribution to society if you are becoming a victim of the problem. Let’s reach out to more communities to spot the rehabilitation and funding towards shelters that are obviously not the answer, nor the solution towards ending homelessness. What I learned to be the solution is permanent housing. To give is to get. A beautiful concept.

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