Renewable Energy and Danger

Hello! After a wonderful five days in Dublin, we drove to Galway. Along the way, I could not help but to notice all the greenery, the ingenious way the Irish use shrubbery to separate land, and the various the wind turbines across the landscape. This brought to mind the UN Sustainable Development Goal number seven, Affordable and Clean Energy. Using wind turbines all over Ireland is a safe and sustainable source of renewable energy. In the past I have heard people complain that wind turbines are an eye sore and not aesthetically pleasing, however, I completely disagree! I loved seeing the wind turbines in Ireland. They made me happy for a few different reasons. I was happy to see how environmentally friendly Ireland was and I think they are so tall and majestic. They are simple, yet they can produce a good chunk of electricity for Ireland, which means cutting back on the consumption of fossil fuels.

I was, however, a little shocked to find out that wind turbines can also be hazardous in Ireland. Since much of Ireland’s open areas are peatlands, the wind turbine placement could result in producing more carbon dioxide than the wind turbines could potentially save, as well as interfering with flood control and water quality, and could even cause land/peat slides. Basically, although making affordable and clean energy is important for the world, it is also important to be aware and use caution when building sources of renewable energy. Just because something is good, does not mean it cannot also do harm. This is true of so many things, and it is important to keep a good balance and not allow the desire for renewable energy to do more harm than good. I think that Ireland is doing a great job finding that balance and is doing its part to help the world become a better place.

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