Dublin’s Sustainability and Community

Hello again! I spent five nights in Dublin and valued every moment. The UN Sustainable Development Goal that came to mind during my stay was number eleven, Sustainable Cities and Communities. One target of this goal is to have adequate, safe, and affordable housing, transportation systems, and green and public spaces. The affordable housing target ties back to my previous post because the biggest reason people in Dublin is because the cost of rent is so astronomical. Families, young people, and so many others cannot afford to rent apartments, which is how they ended up homeless.

On the other hand, I was really happy to see that there is an easy and reliable public transportation system all around Dublin. I come from a city where public transportation is practically everywhere, yet it is practically nonexistent in Florida. The fact that Dublin is so accessible hits the nail on the head for the target of that UN Sustainable Development Goal. Additionally, I could see how inclusive and accessible much of the city was for people with disabilities. Everyone seemed so helpful and would go out of their way to help others. I kept wishing people in the United States were more like the Irish!

Another great aspect of how Dublin strived to be a sustainable city and community is the copious amounts of green and public spaces. Ireland had unusually warm and beautiful weather during my study abroad, so everyone seemed to be out and about enjoying the weather. There were parks all over and I saw families, friends, couples, and individual people walking around, laying in the grass, playing, sitting on benches reading, and just enjoying the space. The amount of public spaces around Dublin encouraged gatherings. It felt welcoming and like a community within a larger community.

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