Éirinn go Brách 2018

Hello all! I am Marian and my study abroad was in Ireland. I tried posting while there, but there was an issue and then I forgot to upload all my posts. As an Irish-American, I have always dreamed about going to Ireland, so I jumped at the chance to study homelessness in North America, Ireland, and Europe that included a two-week study abroad experience. Not only would this help in my road to becoming a Social Worker, but it would let me fulfill my dream. The flight to Ireland was uneventful, but once I arrived at Trinity College…man, words cannot do my feelings justice!

The most obvious UN Sustainable Development Goal (UNSDG) was its number one goal, No Poverty. While the poverty in Ireland is nowhere near as bad as the examples given on the UNSDG website, being homeless is a big part of poverty. One target of this goal is to ensure that all men and women have “access to basic services, ownership and control over land and other forms of property” and that was exactly the purpose of this course. The goal is to understand the different dynamics of homelessness, analyze how to best provide services to people experiencing homelessness, and illustrate different programs countries use to address the issue.

While reflecting upon the goal of No Poverty, I could see all the Global Citizens Project Outcomes, as well as the Global Competencies. For now, my focus will center on Knowledge because the course provided me with the knowledge of how different countries address homelessness based on their different cultures. The lack of affordable housing in Dublin was astonishing! I learned that the predominate cause of homelessness in Ireland was due to the cost of the private housing market and the lack of public housing since Ireland’s economic crash in 2007. In Dublin, the average one-bedroom apartment cost approximately €2,000, which is outrageous!

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