Winding down!

Its two weeks until its time to go and I have already begun reminiscing on the time I have spent here. I am grateful to have met such welcoming and friendly peers on trains, class, or even at stores. Before coming to Florence I was concerned maybe I wouldn’t be able to meet as many new people id hope or never thought id be calling some of them to come on day trips. This experience abroad has opened up paths I never knew I could in such a small time. As the days wind down, today I went shopping for some souvenirs and things to bring back home to Tampa. Although things can get a little pricey here, one good thing is that you can negotiate almost any price down at least a little. One thing I’ve learned is to not immediately say yes to the asking price. Although Florence is a fairly large city, walking everywhere isn’t as tiring as I imagined it to me. On my way to find souvenirs and postcards, I stumbled upon the Academia museum where the famous statue of David is located. I waited in line for just a bit and then entered. I was in shock. I didn’t imagine the statue to be so large and so overarching towards everything. It was incredible. After a long day of shopping and exploring, I grabbed a pizza to go and headed home.

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