Time is winding down here in Florence! Class has gotten a little harder as there is a lot of material to learn within six weeks. However, with a little time management and awareness, there can definitely be a great balance between exploring and being studious. One of the things I have found very helpful to do is bring my books and studies with me while traveling because some of the train rides can be very long and time consuming and it allows time for some work to be done. This weekend I visited the great city of Venice. I learned before going there that the city itself may not exist within a few years due to the water levels rising and no solution has been found to fix it. Upon getting there after a four hour train ride, we quickly began to walk around and explore different areas as we only had approximately five hours to stay there. Of course, we also had to go onto a gondola ride where we were rowed around for about 30 min. Before getting on the gondola we met a couple who asked to come with us so the cost would be cheaper to split between the all of us, we agreed. While on the gondola, I noticed the man lean over towards me and hand me his phone and asked me to record something, I was confused but nonetheless started the recorder. To my surprise, he pulled out a ring box and proposed to his now-fiancé right in front of us! It was so incredible to be apart of that special moment for the both of them. We decided to then grab a bite to eat before heading to the train station where we ordered lots of pasta and pizza. We arrived back in Florence at about 10pm and walked home to then begin our next adventure.

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